A Brief Introduction to Dr. Laufer

Starting therapy can be trying process, and often what’s important is finding the right fit between a therapist and a client. Once therapy begins, it can be an incredible resource where an individual may regain a sense of balance and peace of mind, build more satisfying relationships, develop more effective communication, as well as find the sense of direction and meaning that allows one to thrive.

I work with adults, adolescents, and families in both short and long-term therapy. My areas of specialty include:

* Postpartum Disorders and Maternal Mental Health
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Adolescence

My office is 826 Madison St. Evanston, IL, conveniently located for Chicago and North Shore clients.

I am grateful to be in this work as I have a real interest and respect for people and their struggles. I feel privileged when I am able to be a part of their journey.